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Warfare in Middle Ages

Warfare in Middle Ages

Świętosławski Witold [red.]

Warfare in Middle Ages, Acta Archaeologica Lodziensia, t. 47, Łódź 2001

ISSN 0065-0986





The present volume contains the papers delivered at the International Conference „Warfare in the Middle Ages in the Light of Archaeological, Iconographic and Written Sources". The conference, which was the sixth meeting of European specialists in medieval arms and armour organized by the Institute for Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Branch in Lodz, and the Castle Museum in Malbork, was held at Malbork Castle between 5th and 7th November 1998. Professor Andrzej Nadolski had initiated the series of conferences and the meetings are now organized by Professor Tadeusz Poklewski-Koziell every two years.

The conference, attended by specialists in various scientific disciplines, namely historians, archaeologists, architects and art historians, allowed a broad, interdisciplinary approach to the complex issue of medieval wars, warfare, arms and amrour; hence the present volume offers such a wide variety of topics. The authors quote specific examples illustrative of the general processes that were characteristic of warfare in medieval Europe.
The papers are not arranged in chronological order but by subject matter. They are grouped into sections dealing with the following aspects: medieval strategy and tactics, the role of towns, castles and fortifications in contemporary warfare, the iconographic reflection of war.