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The book by Tomasz Kurasiński

The book Early Medieval Graves with Weaponry Elements in the Territory of Poland. Materials for Studies  has been published.


Tomasz Kurasiński (born 1970) holds a PhD in archaeology. He has published several dozen scientific articles in journals and collective monographs, both Polish and foreign, and co-authored two monographs: Early medieval skeletal cemetery in Lubień, Piotrków district (2012) and Cemetery in Radom, site 4 (2016). His research interests focus primarily on early medieval Slavic burial rituals and the military of the period, especially in symbolic and socio-cultural aspects. In addition, he deals with material culture and its use in recognizing ancient religious beliefs and behaviour.

The reader receives a work which is a detailed and richly illustrated monographic catalog, in which data concerning possibly all early medieval burial complexes from the Polish lands containing elements of armament have been collected. It also includes militaria found in cemeteries, presumably from destroyed burials. Thus the book fills the gap in the Polish archaeological literature, since no attempt has been made so far to gather such a wide thematically similar source base.


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