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Alfred Twardecki lecture from the conference “Olbia in the Hunnic period”

Na kanale Archeo.TV jest już dostępny 16 – ostatni – referat z konferencji “Olbia in Hunnic Period”, która odbyła się 5-6 listopada 2021 roku ?


Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences


Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


presents a lecture from a scientific conference:
Olbia in Hunnic Period

organized at November 5–6, 2022


Author: Alfred Twardecki


Title: Olbia in Hunnic period – historical perspective


Abstract: In the presentation the author shortly sums up general results of the excavations led at the trench R-23 in years 2016-2021 by Polish-Ukrainian team but mainly will try in the later part to put results on the broader historical perspective. The base of that perspective will be at first line historical literary sources dealing with the history of the area in late Roman period. Olbia is not often mentioned in that source, but they give us information about historical events on the territory between Dnieper and Danube rivers including Hunnic invasion headed by Attila on the Eastern and Western Roman Empires. The author tries to initially interpret the new archaeological data from Olbia against the background of known historical events.