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Piotr Zeman

Dr Piotr Zeman

Interdisciplinary Center of Archaeological Research






Research interests:

My research interests focus on the cultural, socio-political and economic changes that took place in the Aegean basin during the Late Bronze Age (ca. 1700 - 1050 BC). At the time the region was dominated by the Mycenaean culture. In my research, I focus on settlement studies, especially on the issues of the formation of palatial towns and the development of urbanized settlement networks. I pay particular attention to non-elite contexts and the study of the lower layers of Mycenaean society. I am also developing my specialization in the recognition, analysis and processing of Mycenaean ceramics.

Selected publications:

  • Zeman, P., K. Dudlik, (2023). A Tale of a Mycenaean Palatial Town. Development of the Late Bronze Age Site of Mycenae. W: S. Aulsebrook, K. Żebrowska, A. Ulanowska (red.), Sympozjum Egejskie: Papers in Aegean Archaeology 4, Warsaw Studies in Archaeology 5, 131-146.
  • Dudlik, K., P. Zeman, (2020). Entangled Mycenae: towards a model of Mycenaean palatial town. Fontes Archaeologici Posnanienses 56, 7-35.
  • Zeman, P. (2020).Urbanisation and Formation of Palatial Towns in Mycenaean Culture Foreign Influences or Indigenous Development?. W: J. Driessen, A. Vanzetti (red.), Communication Uneven. Acceptance of and Resistance to Foreign Influences in the Connected Ancient Mediterranean, Aegis 20, 101-118.


Aktualne projekty badawcze

  • „Around the palaces: comparative and contextual studies of the Mycenaean lower towns”. Grant from the National Science Centre, Poland, under the program PRELUDIUM, 2018/31/N/HS3/00884. Project’s director: Piotr Zeman.
    The project focuses on the analysis of Mycenaean lower towns, a key issue for contemporary Aegean archeology. The project aims to collect all the scattered archaeological and historical data on the Mycenaean lower towns, ant then re-analyze and reinterpret it in a new, contextual and holistic approach.
  • “From the first to the last Mycenaeans in the area of the Gulf of Volos (Thessaly)”. Grant from the National Science Centre, Poland, under the program SONATA BIS, 2020/38/E/HS3/00512. Project’s director: Prof. Bartłomiej Lis.
    As a post-doc, I am conducting research on the Mycenaeanization of Thessaly. The project aims to investigate how the societies of coastal Thessaly became fully Mycenaean, at least in terms of the material culture available for archaeological study.