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Prof. dr hab. Janusz Kruk

Prof. dr hab. Janusz Kruk


2019 (opublikowane)

M-L. Pipes, J. Kruk, S. Milisauskas, Textile Production and Social Importance of Women in the Neolithic, Kraków 2019 (Instytut Archeologii i Etnologii PAN). Monografia 230 str. druku.

M-L. Pipes, J. Kruk, S. Milisauskas, Flint Knapping as a Family Tradition at Bronocice, Poland, w: D.H. Werra and M. Woźny (ed.), Between History and Archaeology. Papers in honour of Jacek Lech, Oxford (Archaeopress Publishing Ltd.), 2018 (2019), 253-266.

J. Kruk, M-L. Pipes, S. Milisauskas, Cattle Ownership and Wealth in the Neolithic,

VIR BIMARIS - From the Kuiavian Motherland to the Ukrainian Steepes. Studies on Baltic-Pontic Cultural Area in Prehistory (dedicated to Professor Aleksander Kośko). Edited by J. Czebreszuk, M. Ignaczak, P. Makarowicz, M. Szmyt, Archaeologia Bimaris, Discussions, Poznań 2019, 267-286.

J. Kruk, S. Milisauskas, K. Hudson, Bronocice Funnel Beaker Vessel with Wagon Motif. Different Narratives, Archaeologia Polona (2019). Ma się ukazać w 2019.


2020 (planowane)

J. Kruk, S. Milisauskas, M-L. Pipes, A Year in the Life on the Baski Elevation. Fourth Millennium BC. Monografia (ca 15 ark. wyd.), 2020 r w Wydawnictwie IAE PAN.

J. Kruk, S. Milisauskas, The Unraveling the Weave of Neolithic Women and Textiles, Antiquity (2020).

J. Kruk, S. Milisauskas, Investigations on Neolithic Sites in Southeastern Poland, Journal of Field Archaeology (2020).

S. Milisauskas, J. Kruk, M-L. Pipes, Threads of Neolithic Household Cloth Production, American Anthropologist (2020).

J. Kruk, M-L. Pipes, S. Milisauskas, A Look at the Lives of the Dead at Bronocice, Sprawozdania Archeologiczne (2020).