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Iryna Sheiko lecture from the conference “Olbia in the Hunnic period”

Na kanale Archeo.TV jest już dostępny 9 referat z konferencji “Olbia in Hunnic Period”, która odbyła się 5-6 listopada 2021 roku ?


Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences


Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

presents a lecture from a scientific conference:
Olbia in Hunnic Period

organized at November 5–6, 2021

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Author: Iryna Sheiko

Title: Recent finds of lamps from Olbia

Abstract: Oil lamps, which are specifically shaped ceramic devices used to illuminate premises in the dark, are often used by researchers to suggest a date for other finds during the excavation of both settlement and funerary contexts. A developed typology and chronology of the lamps makes it possible on occasion to expand or, conversely, to narrow down an already existing and generally accepted chronological framework for specific ancient settlements. Thus, the more archaeological material is studied and circulated, the more likely it is that the dating of objects and sometimes settlements could change significantly.

This concerns the actual founding of Olbia Pontica as much as its decline. It should be noted that all the objects and pottery items found at the settlement were dated by the IV century AD. However, recent finds of imported ceramic lamps, from the 4th and even the beginning of the 5th centuries AD, have led to a reconsideration of the dates for the decline and ultimate fall of the settlement. It now seems that Olbia may have experienced a brief, but still a continuation after the 4th century AD. These recent lamp finds in the Olbian collection are dated from the middle of the 3rd to the beginning of the 5th centuries AD and can be referred to the latest period of the settlement existence. Most of these lamps are of imported origin, with complete parallels known from Syria, Palestine, Corinth, and the cities of the Bosporus.

The finds of late lamps in Olbia are an extremely important aspect of the study of the political and economic history of the city, prompting research into a little known period, for which there are few archaeological artifacts, and contributing new data to correlate with the overall picture of site development created by researchers so far.


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