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Marcin Matera lecture from the conference “Olbia in the Hunnic period”

Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences


Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

presents a lecture from conference "Olbia in the Hunnic period"

The lecture is posted on the ArcheoTV channel on YouTube.
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Marcin Matera


New data on the death of Tanis in the middle (?) III century. AD


In 2018–2019 In the filling of the defensive ditch surrounding the western region of Tanais, a Polish detachment of the archaeological expedition of the Tanais Museum-Reserve discovered human remains. The unusual arrangement of the skeletons and the absence of a burial pit indicate that they were hardly a deliberate burial. The archaeological material found together with the skeleton is characteristic of the 2nd – 3rd centuries. AD, which is confirmed by similar finds from Late Sarmatian burials discovered in the Lower Don. Considering all these factors, the question arises whether these remains are the victim of one of the raids that destroyed Tanais in the middle of the 2ndII or in the middle of the 3rd century AD?