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The book by Anna Rybarczyk

The book Clothing and costume accessories in medieval Elbląg has been published.


Anna Rybarczyk works as an assistant professor at the Department Research on Ancient Technologies of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences. Her scientific interests focus on the subject of late medieval and modern clothing and fashion accessories. In the circle of interest of the researcher are also textile products of that period.

In the monograph, based on her doctoral dissertation, entitled Odzież i akcesoria stroju w średniowiecznym Elblągu, the author presents findings related to medieval clothing, which come from many years of excavations carried out in the Old Town in Elbląg. The lower chronological point of the study is the date when the city was founded, i.e. 1237, while the upper one is the medieval period, i.e. the end of the 15th century.

The text presents textiles, elements of clothing, jewellery, belts and their components, various types of pouches and purses, and objects showing human figures. Thanks to numerous references to historical and iconographic sources, the author takes up the topic of medieval clothing in a broad, interdisciplinary manner. The costume of Elbląg burghers shows perfectly how strong was the unification of material culture in the area of Hanseatic influence. For many of the artefacts analysed here, it is easy to find analogies not only in archaeological material from western Europe but also in local museum collections and iconographic sources.

The book is richly illustrated and written in an accessible way. It will be of interest not only to archaeologists and costume makers but also to all lovers of medieval times and historical reconstruction.


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