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Mgr Jakub Niebylski

Mgr. Jakub Niebylski

Centre for Archaeology of Hills and Uplands




Research interests:

The main area of my scientific interests includes issues regarding flint mining and using this raw material in Modern Times. Within this topic I concentrate on gunflints in Central Europe from the 4th quarter of the 18th c. to the 19th c., with particular consideration of the gunflint basin near Cracow, the gunflint basin near Stanisławów (Ukraine) , the related terrain relief over the mines and the differentiation of flint products from the workshops in this area.
Another field of my scientific interests is archaeology of modern military conflicts. Research topic is the material culture of particular armies and the issue of trench art and especially the development and varieties of shooting and artillery ammunition from Middle Ages to Modernity, also its influence on military tactics of that time.

Current research regards the issues of gunflint production centers in Galicia. It includes an attempt to create a typology of gunflint for muzzle loaders of the Napoleon wars, showing production differences between them, pointing to places of production and places of obtaining the raw material as well as features allowing to determine its provenance.
For this purpose performed are the morphometric analyses of gunflints and weapon, also microwear studies to identify the traces of wearing, physicochemical raw material analyzes of ready products and of raw material samples from the outcrops as well as verification of the aforementioned in historical sources of the workshops and mines.